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Exquisite Healthy Eats
Exquisite Catering Cuisine LLC the leader in custom catering brand Exquisite Healthy EatsTM present healthy meals to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals.
Exquisite Heathy EatsTM
Orders placed by noon time Saturday will be delivered Sunday evening
Meals can be provided based on desired calorie intake and macronutrients for each meal. Let Exquisite Catering Healthy EatsTM personnel and our meals assist in your fitness, healthy eating, weight loss, or gaining muscle goals. Meals arrive in freezer and microwave safe containers.
MEAL PACKAGE 1- 10 MEALS 100.00 MEAL PACKAGE 2 - 15 MEALS 143.00 MEAL PACKAGE 3 - 21 MEALS 189.00 MEAL PACKAGE 4 - 28 MEALS 238.00 MEAL PACKAGE 5 - 35 MEALS 280.00 Tax is applied to all orders.
Must purchase a minimum of 10 meals in any combination of breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Exquisite Healthy Eats TM partners with the one on one, small group personal trainers, and training gyms located across Long Island. Our goal is to focus on all aspects of fitness, recovery, nutrition, and healthy living. Ask us if we are partnered with a trainer in your area.
Exquisite Healthy EatsTM exclusive members receive meal discounts and other promotional offers. ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY FOR SEAFOOD AND MUSCLE BUILDING MEALS.